Why do some succeed and others fail?

More than twenty years of long-term collaboration with companies, top performers and executives have brought numerous answers to my questions. Diverse cooperation with the media has given me the front row place to see what it feels like to do part-time public work, to dare to express one’s views and to bear the consequences when work is also subject to criticism. My interest in performing and influencing has taken on a variety of dimensions as I have coached on television, in newspaper columns, on social media, and in the online communities I have launched. Succeeding and influencing change has always interested me. My understanding of top performers and the development of psychological capital has built me ​​the skills of psychological coaching that I want to use to promote these issues together with Finnish leading companies and key people in working life. I get systematic feedback that I am attentive, encouraging, and outspoken. I challenge my clients to think better and bolder, and to put their words into action. My optimistic and open nature makes me an uncomplicated and inspiring partner to work with. In January 2019, the ICF-International Coach Federation awarded me the highest possible coaching certificate. There are a total of 1,000 of us in the world, 3 in Finland. I´m proud of this certificate and I want to spend a lot of my time developing the skills of other coaches too. I work closely with BCI – Business Coaching Institute coaching programs.

Ilona Rauhala, summa summarum:

  • PsM, is an entrepreneur and non-fiction writer specializing in psychological coaching.
  • MCC, ICF’s highest possible coaching certificate.
  • More than twenty years of experience in developing and coaching organizations.
  • Her calling is to help key people in working life apply psychological knowledge to help manage performance and change.
  • The development of a Finnish service culture is close to Ilona´s heart and she trains and speaks about the importance of psychological capital for success, service culture, and competitiveness.
  • She became known for her self-titled psychological discussion program on Yle TV 1 in 2007-2008 and has since collaborated extensively with the media, both on television and in newspapers and magazines.
  • Q&A column in the Finnish Kauneus & Terveys Magazine.
  • Blog on the Kauneus & Terveys online magazine 2016-2017.
  • Co-written and published books together with Makke Leppänen (in Finnish) ’Johda Ihmistä – Psykologiaa Johtajille’ Talentum (2012) and Leppänen and A.-M. Heikkilä ’Pääasia – Organisaation Psykologinen Pääoma’ Talentum (2013).
  • Published three books with Otava – see books
  • Maintained eronkeskellä.fi website in 2015-2016
  • Publishes online courses and coaching entities that help with success in working life and self-development skills on OK5 Academy online coaching platform and