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The book brings together the perspectives of a psychologist, a theologian, an economist and a doctor of engineering on the effective management of the human connection in a fascinating way.

At the heart of the problems at work is a disconnect. We don’t know each other well, often not even ourselves. Technological advances and AI are challenging the way we connect and the culture of getting work done.

In successful organisations, connection is managed as a key part of the business, just like numbers. We need to create the conditions for quality encounters and know how to deal with complex situations – even those that evoke difficult emotions. This book provides the tools for effective relationship management.

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Otava 2020

Want to improve your conversations with people at work, in a relationship, as a parent, or as a friend?

The book (the name of which translates to The power of conversation) presents a clear five-step model that, by practicing, everyone can develop their conversation and interaction skills. By applying this model, the quality of any conversation improves.

Pääasia - Organisaation psykologinen pääoma

Pääasia – Organisaation psykologinen pääoma

Talentum 2013

How are quarterly economy and vitality related? Organizations want their employees to be active, self-motivated, and persistent. Top organizations have realized that in addition to economic, humane, and social capital, an organization’s psychological capital must be managed: faith in the future, realistic optimism, perseverance, and self-confidence.

Johda ihmistä – Psykologiaa johtajille

Talentum 2012

The book Johda ihmistä – Psykologiaa johtajille (which translates to Lead people – psychology for leaders) by Ilona Rauhala and Makke Leppänen offers fresh perspectives on everyday management. What makes a person act the way they do and can one affect a person’s goals and actions?

Eron keskellä

Otava 2014

Going separate ways or not? Fortunately, a difficult decision about divorce or breaking up does not have to be made alone. When a relationship hits a crisis, it needs to be fixed or abandoned. What’s important to think and understand when going through a difficult crisis? And what to do in practice? The purpose of the book Eron keskellä (which translates to In the Middle of a break up) is to help those who are considering making the best possible decisions, to reduce the mental, economic and social disadvantages caused by the separation, and to give people who are separating and their children the opportunity to live a good life despite the separation.

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Yhteyden ytimessä podcast

Yhteyden ytimessä -podcast

A deep connection has been found throughout the ages around the campfire. The atmosphere is warm and safe. Difficult things can be solved. What can modern organisations learn from this ancient tradition of togetherness? Ilona Rauhala, Ira Lange and Kimmo Kääriä explore the core of human connection. The topic will be explored in different configurations, including with expert guests. The podcast is provided by

Ilona Rauhala podcast

Ilona Rauhala -podcast

Psychologist and coach Ilona Rauhala discusses a variety of topics with interesting guests on her podcast. Topics include psychology, coaching, leadership, philosophy and therapeutic work. The guests are successful and experienced people in their fields, offering fresh perspectives on topical and thought-provoking issues.