• Succeed in all conversations (OK5 method)
  • Psychological safety
  • Top performing and success
  • Psychological capital and how to lead it
  • Psychology for leaders
  • Your energy
  • Leading your energy and performance
  • Leading self-confidence
  • Leading change
  • Psychology of change
  • Leading success during changes
  • Psychology of coaching
  • Confronting difficult situations
  • Functioning work-life

The duration and type of speech will be adapted according to the nature of the event and the target group. Different themes can be combined to build a longer coaching program or a lecture can be integrated into an existing coaching program. “I get feedback that I have a special ability to target my message to the specific audience, whether it’s the top management of listed companies or the whole staff, regardless of industry. I have lectured at both small intimate client meetups and large events. Listeners say that my speeches are understandable, encouraging, and entertaining – when the situation demands it. And above all, the speeches are always full of useful knowledge. Leave a contact request to inquire about a lecture or speech.